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ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS   (*invited   ** peer-reviewed)

6. Progress and Regress, 34 J. Soc. Phil. & Policy 164-189 (2017)*** (with Roberta Q. Herzberg) [CUP]

5. Accounting’s Nadir: Failures of Form or Substance?, 12 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law 601 (2010) [SSRN]

4 . Whither and Whether Auditor Independence, 44 Gonzaga Law Review365 (2009) [SSRN]

3. Indigenous Intellect: Problems of Calling Knowledge Property and Assigning it Rights, 15 Texas Wesleyan Law Review 335 (2009) (symposium piece)*  [SSRN]

2.Gulliver’s Trials: A Modest Proposal to Excuse and Justify Satire, 11 Chapman Law Review 183 (2007) [SSRN]

1. “Excuse, Justification, and Authority” in Harry Potter and the Law, 12 Texas Wesleyan Law Review 427, 459-64 (2005) (part of symposium piece of conference panelists)*  [SSRN]



Intention and Interpretation [SSRN]


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